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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Home-made" See Rock City Barn

"Home-made" See Rock City Barn

I have always wondered if anybody has painted their own barn to look like a Rock City barn, just so they could say they owned one. This might be my answer and there are several clues to make me think that.

First, it looks like no other Rock City barn I have seen. It's true that most of them say "See Rock City" but the shape and style of the lettering look like no other. Instead, it looks just like one of the Rock City birdhouses.
Second, it's not that easy to see. The official Rock City barns are near the street where oncoming traffic can easily see it. This was up on a hill about 400 feet from the highway, partially obscured by trees. It is located off highway TN76 between Springfield and White House.

Finally, the rest of the property looked like the kind of place one would decorate with antiques. They had Burma Shave and old gas station signs around their driveway. In fact, I thought they had operated an Antique store. Thus, I was embarrassed when I drove up to their house and they looked at me like I was nuts. (to my credit, one building on the property in fact did say "Antique Store" but you couldn't see it from the street.)

P.S. I didn't want to trespass any longer, so I didn't photograph the Burma Shave signs.

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