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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Smitty's Body & Glass neon sign at night - Parsons, TN

Smitty's Body & Glass neon sign at night

Located in Parsons, TN along Main St. (US 412)

After originally posting this image, I got this nice note:

"Thank you Brent for posting this sign. This is my Dad's business. It is the oldest business in Parsons, Tn. He is Ralph Smith and is 91 years old and still running this business today. It was started by my Granddad, Robert Smith in 1921 the year my Dad was born. I now live in Jackson, Tn. but I stumbled up on this picture and I remember when this sign was bought from a company here in Jackson, Tn. called Den Ray Signs. It was a surprise for him from my Mom which we lost three years ago. I know I don't know you but thank you again, you have made my day for sure. Robin S. Jones"

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