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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Falls of the Ohio Park and Bridge

Falls of the Ohio Park and Bridge

The Falls at the "Falls of the Ohio" were a long series of rapids caused by rock outcroppings which caused the river elevation to drop 26 feet over a couple of miles. This made the Ohio rather unmanageable for river traffic. In 1830 a lock and dam was built in the area so that river traffic could navigate the river. Over the years, the lock and dam have gone through modernization and improvements.

As a result, the falls don't fall any more as they are mostly underwater. Instead, there is now calm waters and an area that can be enjoyed as a state park. Large areas of rock bed are exposed and extensive fossil research is done. It's also a great place for viewing various wildlife.

Also in the picture is the Falls of the Ohio River Bridge, with downtown Louisville as a backdrop. The bridge was originally built in 1870 to be used by Louisville & Nashville and Jefferson, Madison & Indianapolis Railroad. In 1919, the bridge had to be reconstructed and reopened in 1920. It is wide enough for two tracks but only one is in use today. Today, the bridge is owned by Louisville and Indiana Railroad. The largest span is on the KY side, which is 644 feet long and is a lift bridge. the entire bridge is 5218 ft. long.

Falls of the Ohio Park and Bridge Falls of the Ohio Park and Bridge

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