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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

In the News: Teen survives scare at McMinnville Dam

Railroad Bridge over Barren Fork - McMinnville, TN

The Dam seen here was in the news yesterday. Here is the NewsChannel5.com story of a teen who was carried away by the current of the river and nearly pulled over the 25 foot tall day and had to cling to the top of the dam until rescue personnel could arrive.

Originally, there were multiple mills up and down the river through here, but in 1902, a hydroelectric dam was built, but is not in use anymore. According to a photo on the historical marker nearby, this bridge was already here when the dam was built. The dam is on the National register of Historic Places.

On the day I took this photo two summers ago, there were a couple of teens sitting underneath the bridge along the piers. Can you see them? If not, click the photo to see an enlarged version.

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