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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tomb of the Unknown Civil War Soldier - Franklin, TN

Tomb of the Unknown Civil War Soldier - Franklin, TN

In 2009, a construction project along US31 about 2 miles south of the middle of Franklin unearthed human bone fragments in an area that was part of the Franklin National Battlefield. Forensic anthropologists determined that these were the remains of a Civil War soldier. Also found were six Union tunic buttons and a MiniƩ ball, although it was impossible to verify whether it was a Union or Confederate soldier. Accordingly, he was designated an Unknown War Soldier, an American who had died for his country.

On Oct. 10, 2009, the community honored this soldier with a period military funeral at St. Paul's Episcopal Church. After the service, a horse-drawn caisson and honor guard carried the coffin here at Rest Haven Cemetery. Several thousand spectators and national media were in attendence, as scores of reenactors conducted a burial, and upon the grave they poured soil from the 18 states represented at the Battle of Franklin. Also present were two actual sons and a daughter of Civil War veterans.

Marking the grave are original column sections from the Tennessee State Capitol from 1856, which now stand in remembrance of all unknown soldiers of the American Civil War.

Flag on the Tomb of the Unknown Civil War Soldier - Franklin, TN

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