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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bridge Pier remains - Port Royal, TN

Bridge Pier remains - Port Royal, TN

Port Royal is a Tennessee state park, mostly in Montgomery County remembering many of the states earliest settlers who lived here and various forms of transportation through the area.

For many years, the main remaining sight here was an old wooden covered bridge. Built in 1903, the original alignment of Port Royal Road crossed the Red River here. The bridge was in use until 1955 when a more modern bridge was built.

Then, in 1972 the bridge partially collapsed. Then, it was rebuilt in 1977. Next in 1998, a tornado destroyed most of the bridge and only a segment of it remained. I don't know if the huge May 2010 flood collapsed the rest of it or if it happened before then, but the flood did enough damage in the area that it would have. (This photo was taken about a month after that.)

Older photos can be seen here:

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