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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Website Feature: Historical Markers of Tennessee

There is not one place you can go to find every historical marker in Tennessee. Part of the reason for this is there are different organizations which supply these markers, such as state and local historical commissions. While some of these organizations have a guide, it can be tough to merge them all together in one collection. My goal is to do just that. Now, it is quite an ambitious goal, and it may never be possible to get to every single one in the state, or even really know how many even actually exist. On this page, I have taken all of my Tennessee Historical Marker photos (over 1000 and counting) and organized them into several galleries, sorted by geographic regions across the state. Also whenever possible, I provide the marker's location in the description, such as the road or highway it is located on.

Go to the Historical Markers of Tennessee page

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