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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Remains of the Lawrence County Courthouse Clock Tower

The Remains of the Lawrence County Courthouse Clock Tower

This is what's left of the Lawrence County Courthouse clock tower. This courthouse was built in 1905 and was located in the Lawrenceburg town square. When needed repairs were beyond feasibility to replace, a new courthouse was built in 1974. To see what this courthouse used to look like, there is a mural downtown with a picture of it. Also, except for the color, it looks virtually identical to the clock tower for the 1905 Cumberland County Courthouse in Crossville. The numbers are made out of wood, which I would have never guessed. Also, the light fixture on the left pointing down towards the clock is still there.

Today, as you can see, it's lying in a field in the middle of nowehere. Perhaps it's been here for the nearly four decades since the courthouse was torn down. It's located inside David Crockett State Park. (Actually, it's in a spot that's supposed to be off limits to everyone but park staff.)

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