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Saturday, September 15, 2012

2nd Minnesota Monument, Delong Reservation, Missionary Ridge

2nd Minnesota Monument, Delong Reservation, Missionary Ridge

Significant fighting occured along Missionary Ridge in Chattanooga during the Civil War. If you drive atop the ridge, along Crest Rd., there are monuments all along either side of the street, but there are only parking spaces for a couple of them. Closer to the northern side of the ridge is Delong Reservation.

From the small parking area, a dusty path leads to a couple of cannons and a monument to pay tribute to the Minnesota troops who stormed up the side of the ridge on that Novemer day in 1863. One difference between then and now is the presence of trees which weren't around then and today block the view of downtown Chattanooga. Over the past year, this park, which is part of the Chickamauga Battlefield and under the oversight of the National Park Service, has been in the news as the city tries to expand the park's property. Minnesota erected this monument in 1893 and above that on the front is a metal state seal

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