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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Post Card Tuesday: Ozone Falls

Ozone Falls on U.S. Highway No. 70
In the Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee

Ozone Falls is one of those places that is very scenic but not as popular as it was perhaps 50 years ago. It is really convenient to the Older US70, as there are several gravel parking spaces right along the highway. But these days, people may travel through here along US 70 if they're going to Ozone Falls, as Interstate 40 is a much more convenient method of getting up and over the mountains between Cookeville and Crossville.

Now personally, I've stopped here twice. You get out of your car, and it's about a minute walk to get to the top of the waterfall. There's no guardrails, or any other safety measures here, so it may not be the best place for pets or unsupervised children. Also, to get the view in the picture here requires going to a little effort, and both times I didn't have the time to make the effort, so I've only seen it from above. It's not as impressive, but I did see this:

Impressed by the 100 foot drop

A senior tour group also stopped to see the top of the falls. Impressed by the 110 foot drop, the lady in green wanted a picture, so she's hanging her head and arms over the edge to snap a shot. The lady in red is holding the feet of the first lady. The lady in brown is there I guess in case the lady in red keels over, or somesuch. Finally, the guy wants no part of it.

MariLynn admiring / respecting the 110 foot drop

My wife wanted a look, but I chickened out, so I took a picture of her being brave.

This is not a state park, but is designated a state natural area. Finally, the Disney movie Jungle Book had some scenes filmed here.

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