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Monday, May 28, 2012

On Memorial Day, Remembering Those Who Gave All

Murfreesboro 2011 Flags of Remembrance

If you live near Murfreesboro, I recommend you check out the Flags of Remembrance. The grassy lawn on Medical Center Parkway next to The Avenue has been transformed into an awe-inspiring field of over 1500 United States Flags in honor of those Americans who serve and sacrifice.

Many cities and counties build memorials to remember the local people who died for our country and our freedom. Here is a sampling of some of those memorials.

Stewart Co. Veterans Memorial Veterans of Sullivan County memorial - Blountville, TN

First is the Stewarts County Veterans Memorial in Dover, TN, and the Sullivan County Memorial in Blountville, TN

Dickson Co. War memorial Hickman Co. Veterans Memorial

Here is the Dickson County War Memorial behind the War Memorial building in Dickson, and the Hickman County Memorial in Centerville

Simpson Co., KY war memorial Bradley County War Memorial

Here we have the Simpson County Memorial in Franklin, Ky and the Bradley County memorial in Cleveland, TN

PFC Jerry Gentry Memorial Memorial to Sgt. Francis Green

Finally, we have a couple of memorials to a couple of specific soldiers. On the left is a memorial to PFC Jerry Wayne Gentry in Cartersville, GA whose actions saved the lives of four other soldiers. On the right is a memorial to Medal of Honor winner Sgt. Francos Green in Erin, TN.

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