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Friday, May 11, 2012

Moore Co. Courthouse - Lynchburg, TN

Moore Co. Courthouse 3 - Lynchburg, TN

Moore County is the smallest county in Tennessee in terms of both size (130 sq.mi.)and population (5,740). Lynchburg, the only city in the county is known by most people as the home to Jack Daniels, yet is a "dry" county. One author described Lynchburg as a place so out of the way that you can't accidentally stumble into the town, Lynchburg has to be your destination to end up there.

This courthouse was built in 1885. The walls are 20 inches thick of brick fired in town and held together with sand and lime. the building was renovated and expnaded in 1967-68 using matching foundation stone from Fayetteville and brick from Shelbyville. Listed on the National Registry of historic Places.

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