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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mrs. Grissom's neon sign at night - Nashville

Mrs. Grissom's neon sign at night

At the top of the sign in a picture of a tub of Pimento Cheese Salad. If you've never heard of Mrs. Grissom's, they make that and chicken salad and tuna salad and not mixed greens tossed salad. I ate a lot of pimento cheese sandwiches as a kid, but I didn't pay attention to brand names back then. To cut and paste from their website:

"Grace Grissom began making her delicious salads on Nashville's Historic Second Avenue back in 1955. If you've lived in the South very long, chances are you grew up eating Mrs. Grissom's delicious pimento cheese spread, chicken, ham, and tuna salad."

Today, they are located in Melrose, very close to the state fairgrounds.

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