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Friday, March 4, 2011

Doc. The L&N LeprechauN - Erin, TN

Doc. The L&N LeprechauN

I love this. it combines the two things Erin was known for, it's Irish Heritage and it's placement as a railroad stop on the line that used to run from Memphis to Clarksville

The city of Erin was initially inhabited by Irish laborers working to contruct the railroad and the city has remembered its Irish heritage. When the railroad completely pulled out, the town decided to constuct a park in the heart of town where the tracks used to be. This park is Betsy Ligon Park.

Among the things you can see in the park are a blue L&N Boxcar and Red L&N Caboose (both seen in the background) and a picnic pavilion made to look like a train depot.

I think the highlight here is Doc the leprechaun. He's wearing an L&N Logoed cap, with rail worker overalls and gloves. He also has the leprechaun shoes and socks with a clover on his front.

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