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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vintage A+W Drive-In Neon sign - Erin, TN

Vintage A&W Drive-In Neon sign - Erin, TN

I can only assume that this used to be a chain of the A&W fast food restaurants which used to be one of the most prevalant chains in the 70's, and is still around today, but in smaller numbers. Today, this place is known as BJ's Family Diner.

If you look just below the ice cream cone, you can see the faded A&W. When it ceased being an A&W, you can see that someone went to the trouble of removing the A&W neon tubing, but not repainting that area. Then they put in new neon tubing for solid lines. It makes you wonder why they went to the trouble if they weren't going to repaint it.

I'd like to see if the neon still works, although I suspect it doesn't if a light pole sticks out from it. There's neon tubing around the ice cream swirl at top, as well as the cone. Under the three lines is the red section with the white DRIVE IN with the letters and the shape of the arrow in neon. (apparently, BJs still operates as a drive in.) Finally, the last segment says in neon letters "GOOD FOOD"

Seen in Erin, TN on the west side of town along Main St. (TN highway 49)

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