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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yeoman's in the Fork - Lieper's Fork, TN

Yeoman's in the Fork - Lieper's Fork, TN

This house, originally built by Dr. J.W. Allen is 1881 is now known as Yeoman's in the Fork bookstore. The beautifully restored home has quite the collection of rare books and documents, including a document or letter signed by every U.S. President.

When I originally shared this photo with my facebook friends, one of my high school classmates wrote me and said she used to live here. I was perplexed and asked her to share more information.

In the early 80's, my friend's parents bought this house when it was a fixer-upper and Lieper's Fork wasn't the tourist destination that it is today. At one time, the house belonged to someone who was related to or friends with Jesse James. When they would work on renovating the house, the townspeople would come out and watch in case large piles of cash were ever discovered. (They never were.)

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