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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ghost Congregation

Ghost Congregation

Not only is it an old decrepit church building which is begging you to keep out, but it's also located in Adams, TN, the state's favorite ghost town with the Bell Witch.

The old church (and I can't find any description anywhere what it used to be) has several warning signs, rope tied around the door, weeds growing through the sidewalk, and an upper window boarded up with a campaign sign for Emerson Meggs. (A quick google search of Mr. Meggs reveals he was a funeral director and Robertson County executive 1982-1994. That makes the sign in the window about 20 years old, I suppose.)

The building is located in the old center of Adams with several decaying buildings along Murphy St. Across the street is an old Masonic Lodge, and a row of three vacant storefronts.

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