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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

James K Polk Statue - Polk Memorial Gardens

Polk Statue - Polk Memorial Gardens

This statue of President James K. Polk is located in Polk Memorial Gardens cemetery on the south side of Columbia, TN. The cemetery is located on highway TN243 (Old U.S. 43) on the road to Mt. Pleasant in Maury County

On the left side of the statue, it reads:
"Napoleon of the Stump"
1st dark horse candidate to become president
1st and only speaker of the house to become president
1st man younger than age 50 to become President
1st President to commit to a single term
Died 3 months after leaving office

On the back:
1795 Born Mecklenbug Co., NC
1806 Moved to Tennessee
1818 Graduated Univ N. Carolina
1820 Admitted to the bar
1821-1823 Chief clerk of the State Senate
1823-1825 State House of Representatives
1825-1839 U.S. Representative
1839-1841 Governor of Tennessee
1844 Elected as a Democratic President
1845-1849 11tn U.S. President
1849 Died Nashville, TN

on the right side:
"Young Hickory"
Accomplished all four campaign promises
1. Reduction of the tariff
2. Re-establish independent treasury system
3. Settlement of Oregon Boundary dispute
4. Acquisition of California
He did not seek a second term

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