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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Berlin Pulpit Rock - Berlin, TN

Berlin Pulpit Rock - Berlin, TN

In Marshall County, TN, a small community called Berlin grew around the Big Cave Spring. Near the entrance to that cave was this set of stacked rocks. Since it was located in front of a natural amphitheater, it made for a convenient podium, rostrum or pulpit. (Hence the name "Pulpit Rock.")

In 1844 when running for President, James K. Polk delivered a campaign speech here. Andrew Johnson also spoke here, making two U.S. Presidents that have orated from the behind the natural rostrum at the entrance to the big spring. Eventually, this spot became a popular spot for candidates over the next 80 years as another two U.S. Senators, four U.S. Congressmen, six Governors and seven judges are recorded on the marker next to the rocks.

In 1925, Marshall County wanted to give more prominence to its significant stone. The Pulpit rock was jacked up and placed onto a wagon, which was pulled by a team of four mules into Lewisburg. The Rock was placed on display on the grounds of the Marshall County Courthouse facing in the direction of the site of James K. Polk's law office on the town square. Then, the marker was created to list off all of the politicians who spoke at Berlin Springs over the years.

After sitting in the square for six decades, local historian Ralph Whitesell used his influence to have the rock returned to it's original location. This happened in 1986 as the rock was placed back at Berlin Springs as part of Gov. Alexander's "Tennessee Homecoming '86" project. You can still visit it today at the small park just off highway US431 at Old Berlin Road.

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