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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Cold Water Falls - Tuscumbia, AL

Cold Water Falls - Tuscumbia, AL

Cold Water Falls is the world's largest "man-made Natural Stone Waterfall" to be known in existence. (Personally, I don't know what the difference in a natural stone waterfall and other man-made waterfalls might be.) The waterfall is 80 feet wide and 48 feet tall. It was constructed over 120 days using 1,780 tons of local Colbert County Sandstone with the largest stone weighing 77,000 pounds. Every day 4,320,000 gallons of water flows over the falls.

This waterfall is located at Tuscumbia's Spring Park and the Big Spring would be the highlight on this spot if not for the waterfall. Michael Dickson of Tennessee settled here ca. 1817 and in 1819 the town was laid out centered near the Big Spring. Tuscumbia was originally named Ococoposo, which is Chickasaw for Cold Water. Spring Park was established in 1919. To the right of this spot, there is a fountain in the lake with 50+ jets which performs a weekend show at dusk. Spring park also has a small railroad, carousel and kiddie roller coaster.

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