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Monday, March 7, 2016

Carter Co. Courthouse - Elizabethton, TN

Carter Co. Courthouse - Elizabethton, TN

In 1852, Carter County had the need to build a new courthouse. Built at a cost of $7,100 was this three story building. At the time it was first built, there was a recessed portico with pedimented gable. The roof had stepped end gables with domed octagonal cupola in the center.

In 1901,a major wind storm in March followed by a great flood in May did damage to the courthouse and destroyed many nearby buildings. Plus, a couple of additions have been added to the back.

In 1933, a fire caused damage to the building and it was rebuilt with a number of design changes. A projecting portico was added with a one story base was added along with the stairways along either side. The gabled roof was changed to a hip roof and the cupola was removed.

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