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Monday, July 20, 2015

In the news: faded Coca-Cola mural in Morristown gets repainted

Refresh Yourself Drink Coca-Cola

The photo above was taken in 2009 and displays a historic Coca-Cola mural in downtown Morristown. The city is known for it's second story skywalk, and that skywalk makes the best way to get a close look.

This month, artists from Coca-Cola restored this 1940's mural along Main street. During Coke's mural painting heyday, they had nearly 16,000 murals around the country. Decades later, most of them have faded which has prompted Coke to hire these artists to bring the ghost murals back to life.

To read the whole story and see pictures of the newly restored mural, read this article from the Citizen Tribune.

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