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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hickman County Courthouse (2009 Version)

Hickman County Courthouse (2009 Version)

The Hickman County Courthouse is located on the town square in Centerville, TN. This is the 5th courthouse in Hickman county and a new judicial center has opened not far from here. This one was built in 1926 and is a two story brick building with a full basement.

On that day in 2009, I'd been through Centerville three times in the 4 years. The first time in 2006, I stopped only to get a picture of the Minnie Pearl Statue which was new at the time.

On my second visit in the summer of 2008, the statue had become a controversial topic, as too many people were stopping in the town square to get a picture, like I had, and were impeding traffic. By the time I made my 3rd visit a year later, the statue was gone and the traffic pattern of highway 48 and highway 100 was updated from going all the way around the square to just on the west side.

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