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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Parks Covered Bridge - Trimble, TN

Parks Covered Bridge - Trimble, TN

Obion County farmer Emerson E. Parks built this bridge, the Parks or Trimble Covered Bridge, in 1904 to span a drainage ditch dividing two of his fields on his farm. Although the bridge’s original purpose was agricultural, local traffic also used it until 1928, when the state built a state route with a modern bridge nearby. The bridge remained in use on Trimble's farm until 1997. At that time, due to erosion at the original site that had endangered the historic bridge, the community salvaged as much material as possible and rebuilt the bridge in a city park in Trimble, which resulted in the bridge being delisted from the National Register of Historic Places.

This is what it looked like in 1993: bridgehunter.com/photos/24/68/246838-L.jpg

The wooden bridge is 59 ft. long, 11.4 feet wide, and has 10 ft. of vertical clearance. A gable roof originally covered the bridge, but a tornado destroyed the original roof in 1914. After the tornado, Parks replaced the gable roof with a flat shed roof.

It is one of a small number of Covered bridges in Tennessee. There are also ones in Elizabethton, Sevierville, Lawrenceburg, Red Boiling Springs and Greene County.

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