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Monday, January 5, 2015

Geographic Center of Tennessee monument

Geographic Center of Tennessee monument

The first time I visited this spot was in 2008 and it looks a lot better now. I'm not sure how they picked the exact spot, but it was convenient that an important highway ran right next to it. When this was originally built it was in the middle of nowhere but the area around it is fully developed now. It is located along Old Lascassas Pike as the newer highway TN96 runs parallel to this street

In 2008, the metal marker was stolen, but was replaced a year or two later. Landscaping has also improved around the area.

Text of the marker:
This marker is erected at a point designated as the Geographical Center of the state of Tennessee. Erected in 1978 by the Rutherford County Historical Society. It memorializes the 200th year of American Independence. This area has been under the jurisdiction of England, Mero district of N. Carolina, Davidson County, State of Franklin, Territory South of the River Ohio & the State of Tennessee

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