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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Henley St. Bridge at night

Henley St. Bridge at night

The Henley St. Bridge is also known as the Chapman Highway bridge. At one time, many people going to Gatlinburg from the west would pass through Knoxville and cross the Tennessee River here. It carries US 441 and TN33.

The all concrete bridge opened in 1931 and may need some rehabilitation in the not too distant future. The design has six open-spandrel dual ribbed concrete arches with six concrete deck girder spans, all of which is built on a concrete substructure. It's also the longest open spandrel concrete arch bridge in the state (although I don't fully understand what that means or how many it competes with.)

Often, the spans are better lit than they were on this night, but I suppose nobody turned them on. This photo was taken on a really cold night in November before the bridge was reconstructed.

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