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Saturday, October 25, 2014

28 Middleton St.- Historic South Nashville Rutledge Hill

28 Middleton St.


  1. The house was built in 1895 by Mr. Buchanan for his daughter Jeanette Buchanan and her family. It is also my great grandmother's house. She moved here with her children after her husband (Frank Noble) died. My grandmother lived in this house as a young lady; met my grandfather (who lived around the corner three houses away). As a baby and a young boy, my dad and his sister lived with their grandmother (Maude or Mammie) while my grandfather went off to war. My dad and aunt (now both in their 70's) have the best memories of Mammie and running around the house. It's a very special house.

  2. Further to my first comment. Mammie bought the house and rented it out rooms to the men who worked on the railroad. It is across the street from the Children's Theatre. As a young child my dad's first memories are sliding down the bannister and chasing his sister around the house as well as going to the Children's Theatre. A good time was had by all... :) Lisa H. McDonald

  3. Thanks for the insight. It's one of the prettiest houses around Rutledge Hill.