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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Book Suggestion: Free! Survey of Historic Tennessee Bridges

Market Street Bridge A
[Market Street Bridge in Chattanooga, one of over 160 in this book.]

Everyone likes something for free, right? Well, several years ago, the Tennessee Department of Transportation made a book about the historic bridges of Tennessee. They only printed a limited number of copies, but I suppose they wanted people to see all the effort that went into their research as they documented all of the historic bridges across the state, some of which weren't standing anymore by the time the book was completed. Now, that book can be downloaded in PDF form. The book is several hundred pages long, and it goes very much in depth.

Tennessee's Survey Report For Historic Highway Bridges

Once you go to the link, you'll see the book has been divided into chapters. Chapter one goes through the criteria of which bridges qualified for the study. Chapter two is a history of bridge building in Tennessee, but really it's also a history of highways in Tennessee. Chapter three sorts the bridges by manufacturer. Chapters four and five sort the bridges by what they were built from. Chapter 6 which is rather length describes each historic bridge, chronicling over 160 with a photo of each. If you like bridges or highway history, it's more than worth the free you'll get it for.

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