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Friday, December 28, 2012

Pal's Sudden Service (Part 1)

Pal's Sudden Service

Pal's is a small chain of fast food restaurants in far East Tennessee. They are very popular with the locals and after having a chance to eat there a couple of times, I can see why. I really liked their burgers and their milkshakes are about the best I've had at any fast food place. (I tried the chili dog and thought it was ok, and I wasn't really impressed with the fries.

Obviously, the first thing you notice s the building with the large "big pal" Burger coming out the front, with a giant hot dog, beverage cup and frenchie fries on top. All of their approx. 20 locations outside of the first two stores have this general design.

I was also impressed by the sudden service, as the name implied. You drive up to a window on the right side and speak to a person (not a speaker) to order, then drive to the other side where it's already waiting for you.

For someone like me who can't get In-n-Out Burger in this side of the country, this makes for a nice alternative.

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