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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Maxwell, TN Passenger Train Depot

Maxwell, TN Passenger Train Depot

Here is a long since forgotten train station!

Tracks first came through the area with the formation of the Winchester & Alabama railroad in the 1850's. They never could get their line finished into Huntsville, AL as they made it to Elora, TN just north of the border and instead made a line to Fayetteville. After W&A went bankrupt, the line was purchased by NCStL who did complete the line to Huntsville.

Much of the land through here was owned by a man named William R. Jones, who sold some of his land to the railroad in the 1860's. The depot that was built here became known as Jones Station. Soon afterward a new stationmaster with the last name of Maxwell came in and from there the stop was known as Maxwell. I can't find any age on the date of the depot seen here.

By the 1980's, the line was owned by Seaboard Systems who decided to stop running the line in 1985. All the tracks through here are gone, leaving this old depot in a seemingly unexpected place.

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