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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Faded Coca-Cola roof ad - Frankewing, TN

Faded Coca-Cola roof ad - Frankewing, TN

Here's something very easy to miss! As I travel the back roads and keep my eyes peeled for faded advertising barns, more often than not when I see patterns of rust on a metal roof, my brain plays a trick on me and tells me there were some letters there. On this occasion, my circling back around was worthwhile as there really was something there in the rust.

At some point, this must have been a gas station or market. along the top of the roof, barely visible is "G.H. STEVENSON" so it must have been his store. Then, the Large Coca-Cola logo appears below that.

This is along the old Highway. US 64 runs from Memphis to Chattanooga going through many of the main cities along the bottom of the state. Many stretches of US64, including through this area have a newer two lane divided highway bypass the older stretch. This is along an unsigned old stetch of US 64 (or TN 15) approaching Frankewing, TN from the west. This tiny town is about halfway between Pulaski and Fayetteville.

Faded Coca-Cola roof ad (close-up)- Frankewing, TN

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