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Monday, August 20, 2012

Aspirations at the Shelby Street Bridge


This country guitar duo would play for anyone who would listen. This was taken during the 4th of july festivities on the Shelby Street Bridge in Downtown Nashville.

I decided to upload this photo today after seeing the trailer for the new ABC show "Nashville." While I'm not certain how much I want to watch a drama about the ins and outs of country music stardom, I may tune in anyway just for the local scenery. (Oh, and I have a friend who made it into the pilot as an extra.) One of the scenes from the trailer shows the leading couple as they talk about their future from the city's historic pedestrian bridge. See the trailer on YouTube here.

The trailer also featured a brief glimpse of the outside of the world famous Bluebird Cafe. Of course the outside doesn't really seem like much, but it's the inside that makes it the renowned venue.

The Bluebird Cafe storefront

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