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Friday, July 27, 2012

See Beautiful Rock City

See Beautiful Rock City

Although most of the wood that says this part has been replaced, it used to say "World's 8th Wonder" below ROCK CITY. (The top of the first W and most of ONDER is still visible. On this particular day, I got there about an hour or so before dusk and I liked the way the trees cast a shadow upon this oft viewed barn.

This Rock City barn is located in Giles County, TN less than a mile from Lawrence County. Highway US 64 runs from Memphis to Chattanooga and at one time there were many of these barns along the way. Now, I think only three remain. This particular highway over the last two decades has had extensive route upgrades and the old windy road that passed by here has been paralelled by a new two lane divided highway so that you're probably not going to see this unless you venture onto the back roads to look for it.

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