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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Trenton TN's 31 MPH Speed Limit

Trenton TN's 31 MPH Speed Limit

In the early 1960s, Mayor Lawler and the aldermen in town couldn't agree on whether the town speed limit should be 30 or 35. 31 was proposed as a tounge-in-cheek compromise and it was adopted by everyone involved.

About 15 years later when the first round of signs were getting rusty, the Tennessee Department of Transportation, who didn't like the non-uniform speed limit, offered to pay for all of the replacement signs if they'd change it to 30 or 35. When asked about it, then mayor Glen Hurt said, "Of the people that have talked to me, a big majority of old people and young people think it's unique and want it to stay as it is." It has now stayed that way for half a century. Thus, if porcelain veilleuses (teapots) aren't you're thing, you still have a reason to visit Trenton.

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