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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Post Card Tuesday: Giles County Courthouse

The Giles County Courthouse in the center of the town square in Pulaski, TN was completed in 1909. It's a large 3 story brick structure measuring 60' x 150' with a large central cupola. The neoclassical design is marked by tall Corinthian Columns. On the inside, a balcony encircles the third floor while 16 caryatids (female faces) hold up the arched vault of the rotunda with a stained glass skylight. Inside the top of the cupola, a bell forged in 1858 strikes on the hours.

Giles County Courthouse 1

The exterior of the courthouse has remained virtually unchanged several decades later. Of course now there's a huge tree in the view. (If I was standing on the other side, there would not be a tree in the way.) It also looks like there used to be rows of trimmed bushes lining the walkways.

The way I can tell what side I'm looking at is the the Hotel in the background on the left. That was the St. Giles Hotel, and while it has been gone for over 25 years, this marble plaque is at the site today.

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