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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Harvey's Gardens - Winchester, TN

Harvey's Gardens

Not too long ago, a stumbled across this roadside stop on the south side of Winchester. Many of the destinations I go to are places I've planned, researched, found in a book, brochure or the internet. This place caught be completely unaware.

Harvey Templeton had a dream to build a floral park that all could come and enjoy. Unfortunately, Harvey never saw his vision realized. However, starting in 2003, his son and daughter-in-law started this park in his honor. It is a work in progress and has slowly grown over time. The walkways are designated by rocks, and if you pull up the picture in full size, you might be able to see the rocks of the trail continue way off in the distance. I would like to see it in the spring when the flowers are in bloom.

Harvey's Gardens, the Sign at

The parking area is just off highway US41A, south of the Winchester town square and north of the US64 bypass. And no parties!

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