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Monday, January 9, 2012

See 7 States from Rock City

See 7 States from Rock City

See 7 States from Rock City
Near Chattanooga Tenn

This is Lewis Bruton's Rock City Barn on Highway US 64, the old highway that connects Memphis to Chattanooga. It is in Lawrence County, Tennessee about 5 miles East of the Natchez Trace Parkway, or 9 miles west of Lawrenceburg.

This barn can be easy to miss if you're not looking closely for it. Much of highway US64 between Memphis and where it meets I-24 in Franklin County has been or is in the process of being converted to a 2-lane divided highway. In most instances, the older winding road is not marked as a highway. This barn is along the old stretch, but is really close to an intersection with a modern highway. If you're travelling eastbound on the newer 64, I suspect you won't see it as the barn won't quite be facing you.

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