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Friday, June 24, 2011

Hi-Way 50 Drive-in - Lewisburg, TN

Hi-Way 50 Drive-in - Lewisburg, TN

What I suppose used to be TN Highway 50 south of Lewisburg is now US431 which goes to Fayetteville. Would the metal shield be there to keep the lights from the neon signs from interfering from the moviegoers? It seems not long enough to block headlights from highway motorists. Here's a response I got from a worker there:

We call the shield a "blind" and yes, it's to block the lights of the sign. It also houses the letters for the sign and the ladder to reach the ledge. The land owner will not allow a "tree" blind to block the traffic lights, but if you choose your spot wisely, it doesn't detract from the experience. We did experience a fire in March of 2007, but we were closed for only one night. The concessions stand suffered the most damage and was gutted and upgraded from it's 1946 wiring! Thanks for expressing interest in our Drive In. The web address is hiway50drivein.net .

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