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Saturday, June 25, 2011

City Lake Falls - Cookeville, TN

City Lake Falls - Cookeville, TN

Here's a small but very nice waterfall that is easily accessible but not that well known of a hidden gem.

City Lake Natural Lake is a small park in Cookeville. The 35 Acre lake is the highlighted attraction here and the signs to the park and the Cookeville Parks webpage don't even mention the waterfall.

From the parking lot is a small paved path (perhaps it was a street at one time). The trail is labelled Norma R. Mitchell Trail and it doesn't even say a waterfall is at the end. The paved part of the trail leads to an old brick building, which used to be the town's water treatment plant. A gravel trail continues around the plant and in another 5 minutes, you're here. A wooden observation deck gets you this close (and since nobody was looking, I got closer.)

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