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Friday, April 29, 2011

James Buchanan Log House

James Buchanan Log House

This two story log house was built in 1807-08. It is not only one of the oldest houses in Nashville, but is also one of the oldest two story log houses in Middle Tennessee.

The following info is from the historic house's web site:

It has evolved through the years into a unique historic property which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The house is built of chestnut logs with poplar floors. Original limestone fireplaces provide focal points for the parlor and Lucinda's room.

There are fireplaces on each end of Buchanan Log House -- on the original hall and Parlor style. When the 1820 addition was added, the fireplace on the west end was removed from the original log home and placed on the west end of the 1820 addition; so the chimney on the east end has a fireplace in the Nave Room (downstairs) and in the Lucinda Room (upstairs). The chimney on the west end has a fireplace in the 1820 addition (now our dining room).

James Buchanan, an early settler in Davidson County, married Lucinda East in 1810. The first log addition to the home was necessitated in 1820, to accommodate their growing family, which eventually numbered 16 children. The next addition to the house occurred in 1900.

Two historical prominent residents were Judge Thomas N. Frazier who purchased the home in 1867, and his son, James Beriah Frazier. Judge Frazier was Criminal Court Judge for Rutherford and Davidson Counties, and was impeached during the Reconstruction Days because of his so-called interference in the ratification of the 14th Amendment. (He was later restored to office in 1870). James Beriah Frazier spent his teenage years in this home. He was a popular governor 1903 to 1905, and was a U.S. Senator 1905 to 1911.

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