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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hey! What's that hiding in the weeds?

Hey!  What's that hiding in the weeds?

Why, It's a SunCountry 727 Airliner!

I found this while driving around Smyrna, TN one day. It's about 10 blocks from the non-commercial Smyrna Airport, MQY and the former home of Sewart Air Force Base. SunCountry doesn't fly anywhere near here.

If only it was resting on Cinder blocks, that would be perfect.

Oh, and by the way, the Smyrna air show is a little over two weeks away, even though this plane will not be in it.


  1. please give more clues to where this is located! my 5 year old son and i came across your picture with a link to this site and he would LOVE to see this in real life!

  2. If you're familiar with Smyrna, it's near the airport, on 8th Ave between D and E Streets. Last I checked, there's a second one out there, too. Here's the location on a map:


  3. I just stumbled across this plan this morning, was wondering if I could climb on board, drove all around it, don't see "No Trespassing" signs? Any help would be appreciated. You also mention that there's a second one, where is that one at?

  4. The second one was right next to it, or at least it was the last time I looked which was about 5 years ago. If you didn't spot it right away, the other one is probably gone now.

  5. Yeah, it must be gone, I went back this afternoon and there is a spot that seemed to have held a plane at one point. I want to go back this weekend and get some pictures of it, I love the scale of the plane compared to the surroundings, not everyday you get that close to a fuselage.