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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Old Elkton Bridge

Old Elkton Bridge

This bridge used to carry highway US31 over the Elk River in Elkton, TN, a city on the south side of Giles County. The bridge was built in 1924 by Montgomery and Parker Co.

The cenral part of the bridge is one riveted 160 foot Warren through truss with Polygonal top chords. The deck is 22 feet wide and the total bridge length is 692 feet, most of which is a long approach on the southern side.

The bridge was replaced in 1959 by a new bridge, the Buford Gardner Bridge, which parallels this one on the right. Since then, the Elkton Historical Society has preserved the bridge was converting it to a pedestrian bridge. The old road here remains and to prevent cars from the bridge, 5 large planters were placed at the end of the bridge (if you look full size, you may see them.)

This photo was taken about an hour before sunset, giving the rusty bridge a nice glow.

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