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Friday, November 26, 2010

Impressed by the 100 foot drop

Impressed by the 100 foot drop

If you can see the water to the left of these people, that is Fall Creek which goes over the edge 110 feet to the bottom of the gorge to become Ozone Falls.

These people, who drove up from Florida really want to see over the edge. The lady in green is holding her digital camera to shoot strait down while the lady in red holds her. It's quite a scary spot that I wouldn't want to walk to - I'd probably crawl to the edge as well.

Ozone falls is an easily accessible waterfall - at least at the top. You can get to this spot with about a two minute walk from the small parking area by walking across flat rocks. However, there's no guard rails anywhere so it's not the best place for children. A better view of the falls can be had from below in a short but strenuous trail.

One final note: Certain scenes from the 1994 Disney movie Jungle Book were filmed at this waterfall with it's easy to reach base.

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