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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Buffalo, White Deer and Rock City

Buffalo, White Deer and Rock City

This barn is barely standing up. You may need to enlarge it to see what it fully says.

At one time, this was a Rock City barn, and the CK CITY still comes through at the bottom half of this barn. When Sequoyah Cavern opened commercially by Clark Byers (the famous painter of the Rock City barns), this barn was repainted to say Buffalo and White Deer. The big blob on the left is an arrow that points at Sequoyah Cavern. You can see this barn along Interstate 59 in Dekalb County, Alabama, and this barn points you at the street that runs to Sequoyah Cavern, although there is not an interstate exit here. The Sequoyah Caverns people apparently don't have buffalo anymore.

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