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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Old, Old Jail - Franklin, TN

The Old, Old Jail - Franklin, TN

There are three jails in Williamson County, but of course the newest one is the only one still used as a jail. This is the Old, Old Jail and is next door to the Old Jail.

The Old, Old Jail was built in 1905 for $10,000 by the Pauley Jail Company of St. Louis and was the fourth ever jail in town. The two story brick building included space for living quarters for the sherriff's family. Heavy steel grating over the windows and and a hanging hook with trap door beneath are still in place.

This jail was in use until the fifth jail, The Old Jail was built in 1941. Since then, it has has several functions, such as Community Thrist Shop in the late 70's, offices for the county cable television network in the 80's and a couple of bars, taverns or restaurants since.

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