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Monday, August 30, 2010

Murfreesboro's Laotian Buddhist Temple

Murfreesboro Temple

If you've ever ventured along the Old Nashville Highway between LaVergne and Murfreesboro, you've probably been caught off-guard by seeing this temple. I was tracing the old Dixie Highway from Nashville to Chattanooga the first time I ever saw it. There are resident Buddhist monks living here, so that makes it a Wat Buddhist Temple.

Murfreesboro has a large Laotian community, including several friends I work with. I have heard if you stop by here, they are friendly and will sometimes allow you to look inside if you are nice.


  1. The minks at the buddhist temple are very kind,
    anyone and everyone is welcome there. I go there myself because I am laotion. The people are very kind. i like spending time there and love to go on laos new years!

  2. where is this place located?? i always wanted to check it out, im there visit murfreesboro often

  3. Here it is on a map.