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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Boy Scout Catfish

State Trooper Catfish

at the boy scout building at the corner of Hillsboro (U.S. 431) and Woodmont Blvd in the Green Hills area of Nashville. I guess it's really a boy scout, but I used to think it was a state trooper catfish until I realized where it was.

The catfish were all over downtown sometime around 2004, and it was almost a game to see how many you could find. After a few months, they were sold, and it would make sense this one ended here.


  1. hey brent is it possible i could use this pic for a blog i have coming up this weekend? i can give a credit if you want. best, @ispeaknashville

    1. If you see this message, go ahead and use it. Please link to your blog so I can see it when it is posted. Thanks.