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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nashville Skyline at Dusk

Nashville Skyline 4g - 31 minutes after sunset

The skyline has actually changed a little bit since I took this photo in January of 2008.

If you want a good skyline view of downtown Nashville, there are two places you can find photographers on a dry Friday evening. First, the Shelby Street pedestrian bridge has a nice observation deck where you can get a good view. Second, not far from the Coliseum, are some stairs that lead down to the Cumberland River. Sometime around 2000, the Opryland people thought it would be a good idea to have river taxis run from their hotel to downtown. Those river taxis eventually were unsuccessful, but the dock remains on the east bank. If you're not careful, you could walk strait into the river, but if you back up a few steps and bring a tripod you can get a view like this.

If you go at dusk, on a clear night you can get a nice blue hue to the background. Then on nights where there are a few clouds, the setting sun casts vibrant colors on the clouds.

This is a rare photo of mine where no post-processing was done on this picture (and it wasn't because I didn't try - I just thought that I spent the time getting the colors the way I wanted them while taking the picture and then no enhancement I tried made me any happier with the result.)

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