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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Site of Sulphur Dell - Nashville

Site of Sulphur Dell - Nashville

When the Nashville Sounds announced plans to build a new baseball stadium First Tennessee Park, they picked the site of Nashville first baseball stadium.

Sulphur Dell was the site of baseball for nearly 100 years. For over 60 years, it was the home of the Nashville Vols minor league baseball team. Before the stadium permanently closed in 1963, it had been longest continually used site for baseball in America. This fact was even commemorated in the scaffolding sign outside the ballpark which can be seen in the photo at this link:

At the new First Tennessee Park, which opened at the same site over 50 years later, they pay tribute to the site's history. This sign recreates the iconic sign of the original. It is located on the back of the green center field hitter's backdrop, so if you attend a game and walk all the way around the stadium, you can see this too.

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