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Monday, June 5, 2017

Calhoun, GA Memorial Arch with Sequoyah Statue

Calhoun, GA Memorial Arch with Sequoyah Statue

Located at the northern end of Calhoun is this memorial arch honoring soldiers. The arch is at a small triangular park where highway US41 (old Dixie Highway) meets GA225. The Arch and nearby Sequoyah statue were funded by the Calhoun Women's Club in 1927. The statues were made by JL Mott Iron Works in New York. The stone masonry was completed by W. Laurens Hillhouse.

One one side is a Confederate Memorial which commemorates the Battle of Resaca which was fought near here on May 14-15, 1864. On the other side, "Calhoun honors her World War Heroes 1917-1918" featuring a Doughboy statue.

Calhoun, GA Memorial Arch

Calhoun, GA Memorial Arch - WWI Soldier Calhoun, GA Memorial Arch - Confederate Soldier

Sequoyah Statue - Calhoun, GA

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